Konya Tram Project Smart Stop System


The sub-employer contract for '' Installation of Passenger Information System for Courthouse Tramway Line Stations ''  has been signed between Avikon and Yapıray Railway Construction Systems Ind.and Trd.Inc. The top project of the mentioned work "Construction of Courthouse Tramway Line and the Improvement of the Current Campus Tramway Line", has been tendered by Konya Metropolitan Municipality to Yapıray.

Within the scope of the mentioned project, passenger information system is applied to the stations by using software and devices developed by Avikon. Avikon Smart Station Software is the main component of the project.

Scope of the Project

  • The scope of the project is as follows.
  • 16 Pcs Double Sided LED Screens
    • Vehicle Tracking System
      • Passenger Information and Vehicle Tracking Software
      • Assembly, Installation and Commissioning