Passenger information screens are industrial panels designed using Led technology for use in trains, trams and bus stations.

The passenger information screen also displays information about when the next vehicle will arrive at the station, as well as date, time and announcement.

These panels, produced by Avikon, enable the display of the data in the desired color with the multi-color RGB LED technology.

IP (NTP) Clock Support

Passenger information screens have the ability to receive time information via IP based NTP (Network Time Protocol). In this way, the date and time displayed on the screens are synchronized to a specific central clock unit.

IP Communication

Passenger information screens communicate with a central software via TCP/IP protocol over Ethernet with the control card developed by domestic facilities. It also supports wireless communication with WiFi and 3G options.

Long Reading Distance

Thanks to the high-brightness LED technology, the Avikon passenger information screens have long reading distances. Depending on the type of LED selected according to the application, it provides readability from 35m, 50m in outdoor conditions.