Avikon develops customized map software for your needs.

Map software developed by Avikon is offered to our customers as interactive and easy to use services programmed using advanced technologies. It has been designed to serve many systems such as map software, vehicle tracking systems, service route identification and monitoring systems, route planning systems.
When map software is integrated with the vehicle tracking module, it provides control and security against many situations such as over speed, out-of-route, delayed by planned time. In addition, Avikon map software can be integrated with Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software to make route planning more efficient by using personnel / customer information.

Major Features of Map Software:

  • Shows preset routes on the map.
  • Ensures directing staff/customers to the right vehicle with its address search capabilities.
  • Provides high control and safety by integrating with vehicle tracking module.
  • Integrating with ERP systems, allows staff / customer information to be used in map services.