Production Information System provides instant monitoring of the production process in factories.

With the lean manufacturing approach, there occurred a need for production at the time and amount on demand.The Avikon Production Information System, developed in this direction, takes into account the internal logistics process and enables the steering of production of semi-finished and finished production processes. The system also allows instant monitoring of personnel and field-based production efficiency, providing the estimation of faults in the production process and notification to related persons.

The production information system displays the instantaneous status of the production process it monitors via the TV units placed in the factory, the display units (HMI) to be placed in front of the lines, mobile applications and web-based interfaces in accordance with the needs. The system also records the entire production process and thus provides the reporting of historical records.
In this way, the supply demand balance between production units is planned correctly, production efficiency increases, stock holding requirement and unplanned production downtimes are significantly reduced.

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