Smart Station System is a smart automation system that is established on railways (trains, trams, etc.) and roads (bus, metrobus, trolleybus etc.) between vehicles and stations.

The innovative and modern Smart Station System (ADS), developed by Avikon, monitors the speed of all the vehicles they are used, the routes they are going to, the stations they will go to, and the times to reach those stations in real time in a center and offers them to passengers through various information indicators. In this way, Avikon ADS ensures that passengers are guided to be at the right time.

The Smart Station System not only helps the public transportation organization in terms of security and operation, but also reduces the waiting times of the passengers at the station. Avikon helps to increase customer satisfaction with these advantages.

Accessible Transportation

Avikon, thanks to LED / LCD monitors, built-in announcements and mobile applications which it offered as integrated smart station system, provides unrestricted access to citizens waiting at the station.

Passenger Information Tools

- LED / LCD Screens placed in the stations provide visual information.
- Internal announcement infrastructure provides voice information.
- Thanks to mobile applications (IOS, Android) and web interface, it provides access to travel information from anywhere with internet.

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